Thursday, January 13, 2011

Breakfast With Santa

Our community center hosted a Breakfast with Santa over the Holidays.  I jumped on the opportunity for Avery to get her picture taken with Santa.  Not to mention I knew there would be pancakes.  It was a win win for everyone!

The morning started with a show.  One of the local dance academies had several of their classes perform some of their Christmas dances.  Avery was a little goofy during this time.
Then we jumped in line to see Santa.  Avery wasn't scared of the Big Guy and hopped right up on his lap.

When Santa asked Avery what she wanted for Christmas she didn't have any problems telling him she wanted the "piggy pop" game.  She had seen a commerical for Pop the Pig and told every Santa she saw that she wanted that game!

There was also face painting.
I was blown away by this face painter.  First she was fast and secondly she was amazing!

Look at that face!  That was in about 5 minutes. Avery sat so still and did everything she was told to do.  I'm pretty sure she thought she was getting makeup...which, I guess she kind of was.  She loved seeing her face all painted up like Rudolf.  R and I thought it was the cutest thing ever! Avery the red nosed Reindeer.  There was should be a song about THAT!

Of course there were plenty of crafts to keep the kids busy. 
The last craft was making reindeer food for Santa's reindeer.  Avery was very serious about the reindeers nutrition! We actually remembered to put it out on Christmas Eve.  I was very proud of us!

There were two very special guests that showed up to the breakfast.
Let me tell you.  Avery loved a stalkerish kind of way.  She wanted to follow him around and constantly love on Rudolf.  It was pretty funny.

All in all this was a great event that we would definitely attend again.

There was so much to do and the kids were always kept busy.

Our favorite part just had to be the face painting.  Avery just looked so cute!
It was such a fun morning and some great family time. I look forward to lots of Breakfasts with Santa!

More Christmas adventures to come.

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Busy Little Housewife said...

So fun! She looks like she had a blast!