Monday, September 10, 2012

Ellie Abigail 9 months

Ellie Abigail,
My oh my what a big girl you are becoming.  This month has been our favorite month.  You have been quite the mover and shaker! You are learning so much and becoming such a big girl.  Keep up the good work baby girl.  There's so much more to learn!


At 9 months you:

  • wear 6-9 month clothes and size 2 shoes. You are ready for 9 months clothes but Mommy is waiting for fall to arrive before getting you into anything new.
  • still only have those 2 bottom teeth.
  • are crawling like crazy and you are quick! One minute you are here and then next minute you are gone! You love to be one the go!

  • IMG_8091 

    • are pulling up on everything you can get your hands on.  We think you'll be walking before your first birthday.
    • will even take a tentative step or two when holding on to something.
    • love the dogs and get quite the kick when they come by you.  You love to pet them and play with their tags.  They still aren't quite so sure about you.
    • are getting so good at feeding yourself.  You'd much prefer to feed yourself!  You love to eat pasta, pears, peas, beans, etc.
    • get 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner and a couple bottles of formula as well. We seem to be getting this food thing down pretty good.
    • have started staying with Ms Carla while Mommy is at work.  You struggle with the drop off but Ms Carla says you are doing better.  Next month you will get to start going to Mother's Day Out with big sister!
    • still struggle with night time.  You go down great but you still wake up several times.  Sometimes replacing your paci is enough and sometimes we have to feed you.
    • are usually ready for the day around 6:30 AM but sometimes you surprise us and sleep until 7:30 AM.
    • still melt everyones heart with those huge dimples.
    • got your first cold.  You had a stuffy nose that made it hard to sleep.  It was a tough couple nights for everyone.  We are glad you are all better!
    • can say "dada" and we are certain you told Gigi and Grandpa "bubu" (bye-bye) the other night! You babble all the time.  You always have something to "say".
    • love to drum on anything. 
    • still put everything in your mouth.
    We can't believe how big you've gotten and how much you've grown.  We can't wait to see what the future brings and all the accomplishments you will have!  You are such a sweet and happy baby and never want to miss a thing.  You and your sister love each other so much.  It melts our hearts when you two girls are laughing at each other.  It's the sweetest thing. 
    We love you baby girl!

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