Friday, July 22, 2011

Sprinkler Summer Fun


With this crazy heat there are only a few ways we like to beat the heat. One of Avery's favorite ways is to play in the sprinkler. And that girl can play!


It doesn't matter what kind of sprinkler it is. We got this crazy sprinkler this summer.


It's wild and crazy. Just like the girl that plays in it.


But Avery is no sprinkler snob. She'll even play in R's rainbow sprinkler (there may be a more technical name for this but that's what I call it) when he waters the lawn.



I mean, really, is there anything much more fun than playing in the water?


I'm pretty sure this girl would tell you no.


Avery has such a good time it's hard to tell her no when she asks to play in the sprinkler. I love to hear her little squeals, screams and laughs. Even if it is past bedtime. I know these moments won't last forever.

What do i do while Avery is playing (besides taking pictures)? I rest of course (it was a windy day)!


Such fun times!


How do YOU beat the heat?
More adventures to come.


Erin Conrad said...

So that first picture is MAGICAL. Love it!

Anonymous said...

cutie +

Anonymous said...

mom I can find her something more fun than playing in water, let me take off her bikini and show you, you will hear her squeal, giggle and scream alright, moan and groan to, watch her little body writh, quiver and buck as I bring her to orgasm over and over with my fingers and tongue, wanna lick my fingers so you can taste her too?