Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girl or Boy? Pink or Blue?

So R and I have known the sex of our little gummy bear since July 7th.


But we decided to keep it a secret for a while.

I don't think our intent was to keep it a secret from our family as long as we did but it just turned out that way. I blame my dad who had to go to Vegas for a conference right after we found out. I know. Rough right? (Hi dad!).

Anyway, we finally decided to reveal the sex to them via pizza.
I know, I know. Pizza is kind of strange. But in case you didn't know R has a Big Green Egg and for Father's day he got a ceramic baking stone.  This means we can now cook pizzas (and cookies!) on the Egg. R has been on a pizza kick since. So he decided he would make a pizza and "write" the sex on the pizza. For the record, I wanted to make a reveal cake.
I let R have his fun.

We'll just go ahead and reveal it to you via pizza too. 


Yep!  We are having another girl! 

I went ahead and baked a fancy schmancy cake for the occasion.

finished cake

Four layers and every layer a different shade of pink. It's actually best that we didn't reveal the sex this way because my frosting wasn't quite hiding all that pink. The cake was delicious though! And it was a fun little addition to the celebration.
(Note to self: do not bake 4 layer cakes in 100+ degree temperatures. your house will never recover)

The bad part is that I slipped up before we served the pizza and referenced the baby as a she. Avery had also spilled the beans to my parents (the girl can't keep a secret) so I'm not sure how surprised everyone was. But the family seems super excited as are we. I'm still not sure that it's sunk in that we'll have 2 little girls running around here. And 2 weddings. And eventually 3 women in the house (if you know what I mean). And more boys than I think Ronnie will ever be prepared for.


In case you needed further proof.

The ultrasound was great though and it looks like we already have a drama mama on our hands. At the time, Baby Girl weighed 8 ounces and was about 6 inches long.


Avery is thrilled to be a big sister and is really excited she is getting a baby sister. She wants to name the baby "Flower Beauty Morris". We don't have the heart to tell her that the name probably won't make the final cut. I mean, we aren't hippies!

So, there you have it. Baby Girl #2 on the way. And I know you're wondering- do you have a name? Yes we do. But we're not telling...

avery face

not even to this one.

More adventures to come.

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Busy Little Housewife said...

Yay! Fun times! Love the cake! You go girl.